Let’s live doing what we love

“Let’s live doing what we love”

Such words are allowed in the world. If you do what you like and you live, you are always happy 24/7 and there are no hardships. It’s a wonderful life! Because it has such an image, it is also a slogan that is spreading rapidly now.

However, even if you do your favorite work in reality, it’s not just about being happy. Naturally there is bitterness, too. There is bitterness in enjoyment, and there is enjoyment in bitterness. Only a handful of people can love and live by themselves. Because you must be a person who can accept and enjoy hardships. By overcoming difficult times, you can experience a sense of accomplishment and a sense of well-being. We can always do things that we like and continue to grow.

On the other hand, there are people who show rejection when there is something painful. It runs away with the feeling that “I don’t want to do this and I don’t need it.” After all, that person cannot “live by what you like”. That’s because what you like is not something you know before you do it, but it’s what you cultivate in action.

In my case, it is an e-mail magazine. Our e-mail magazine is the pillar of the marketing department with more than 200,000 members, but we do not think that we prefer e-mail magazine. The larger the media, the more often you will receive strange e-mails and use your thinking skills in writing. Still, I do not think “I want to quit”, and I write sentences naturally to the personal computer every day. I think that it would have been a favorite thing as a result that we have not rested for 12 years without being forced by anyone.

That’s why it’s nonsense to look for something you like, so it’s not something to look for and find. If you start thinking that you find a job you like, if it is different from the image, you quit immediately. There are many creators like this in the creators industry like web designers and copywriters. It is a proof that does not assume bitterness in “favorite things” and is a manifestation of the lack of an active posture to change into pleasure.

If you want to live with what you like, first of all, figure out how to be obsessed with yourself and turn it into happiness when it is a difficult time. Since bitterness exists because it is a necessary thing for me, it can not be avoided here. If so, you might be tempted to clear it and enjoy it.

Fear of change

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