Fear of change

It is normal to do a certain job everyday and get attacked by depression at the end of the holiday.

Since I can endure a life that does not change if I endure for a while, I tell myself that it may be happy, but I feel in my heart, “Is this really good?”
But there is no way to think about it, and there is no need to act now.

There are many people who think and live like this, not limited to the type of work.

A peaceful environment refuses to change. Therefore, it is easy to stop thinking.
But there is nothing that does not change in the world. Everything changes over time. Everything is changing.

Even if you put a lid on something that smells, the lid will open with wrinkles. When you open it, you are more afraid to look inside.
But if you try to run away from the facts, you will always chase and you will probably come back when you can not turn your eyes.

And what happens when the lid is open? You can expect change. It does not change from oneself, it is “changed” by the change of the environment.
The thoughts and realities of one’s soul are separated. I think it will be a life with a lot of regrets in the last years.

However, if you look directly at the contents and look straight ahead, you can always solve anything. That’s why we are not afraid of change.
The spirit of challenge is important in the sense that you try to change yourself. No matter how old you are, you will never forget the spirit of challenge.

I want to go fast to the next stage

Let’s live doing what we love

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