I want to go fast to the next stage

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about wanting to go to the next stage as soon as possible.

When staff ask “What’s next?”, The topic is not about achievement for sales or content of business. Of course, I always concern about sales, but it is not a achievement. It means to go up to the next stage rather than the purpose, and it is to judge the course of the business. The reason is that if we achieve hundreds of millions of yen a year, we will be able to do more as an organization, but it is different from the individual’s rewarding.

The best part of my job is the feeling of being done. That’s because doing the job hard is the best way to grow my skills. Being able to grow myself through the work is more important than making money. Of course, I’m happy that my salary will increase. However, there are things that can not be explained in the work. It is also interesting to see a different world by increasing the experience of doing my best.

So, I want to do something good by spending whole my energy. I want results that can be visually confirmed. There are many things that can not be done in a limited time, but I personally want to do my best every time in that situation.

There are people who are full of confidence. Where does confidence come from? What should I do to establish my own axis? This is actually the accumulation of the experience that they did their best. If you are not confident in your thoughts, be aware of the feeling you have.

If you are not confident in your own thoughts, you should try to be conscious of doing your best.

Should we separate work and private. What do you think?

Fear of change

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