How does Design Plus communicate with each other?

Design Plus is a completely remote work company, so I am asked in interviews how they communicate with each other.

The main means of contact is the chat tool Slack. We keep in touch on a thread that is broken down into each agenda. Basically, we keep in touch by text, but depending on the members and the content of the discussion, we may take a means of making a call. We use “Backlog” to manage development progress, and use “Google Drive” and “Dropbox” to share files. It’s just an ordinary way.

However, if it is only this, it is not possible to know the characters and features of the members. Usually, members don’t meet each other at all, so you want to meet them once in a while and have a drink, right? For such occasions, we have a monthly meeting or a company event (Awaji Island, Rokkosan, dinner party) regularly prepared. Company events can be attended by staff from far away, so there are times when we meet for the first time.

When I meet them, I want to make it a place to laugh, learn, and inspire. And I want to make the best use of this meeting in my daily work. This thought is important. Because I want to go fast to the next stage.

I’m looking for someone to be our friend.

Should we separate work and private. What do you think?

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