TCD WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme TCD

CMS have the largest share in the world especially in WordPress. Based on our research, WordPress has 81% CMS share domestically, while in English speaking countries is 64%. Our firm developed the brand TCD and we have been developing WordPress Theme. The number of accumulated total users exceeds 100,000. We contribute an overwhelming share for WordPress, and it becomes the leading brand guiding in the industry. Our next goal is to make the TCD ”a Japanese originated brand” to be a worldwide brand.

World-class performance

Design Plus Inc. is a “Design=Marketing” company, so all WordPress themes put emphasis on practicability. Our brand TCD took in templates abundantly for the mechanism of selling things. We are engaging in a bout new product development by planning around the clock on what to do to consider the user flow from first impact, legibility, impressive and perfect work, until the settlement of sales and inquiries. This is the biggest predominance and world-top class serviceability, that differs us from other companies.

Sophisticated beautiful design

The forte of “TCD” is its “ultimate refined beauty Design”. Most of our clients decided to purchase because of the design they were taken with and it is well important in the point of view in marketing. The first sight of impression, coziness, thus expressing them on a website leads to sales. To obtain a perfect and beautiful site, you are freely to use our base “TCD” theme at all time. Its quality and high cost performance is the motive of its popularity.

Software that overturns the concept of templates

WordPress Theme as it were it is a Website’s template. There is a layout decided in a template beforehand, the flexibility of the customization originally is apt to become low. However, using “TCD” brand will resolve your worries and makes a way to increase its flexibility. “TCD” templates now has exceeded far beyond its range and becoming a software for site-system.

High quality that proves more than 40% repeat rate

Fortunately, TCD’s high quality is the proof of repeaters rate more than 40%. Lot of users repeaters of TCD is always looking forward for the upcoming new release themes and existing theme’s version up. Design Plus Inc constantly acquires new clients and the outcome percentage is important for us to maintain our vigor to live up to for our valued customer’s hopes. We will keep do our best for our customers’ satisfaction.