Hi, this is Toshiyuki Nakata, the CEO of Design Plus Inc. Thank you for having an interest in my company.
“THE CEO’s MESSAGE”, may be an ordinary word that are perfectly arranged for us
and not showing true intention. But I WANT TO CLASH to you

First, I want to share to you WHAT OUR COMPANY really does

Simply put, Design Plus Inc develops a tool EVERY DAY to help our partners/clients/customer not only in domestic but also around the world to improve the value of each Website. Check out the sample work we’ve done so far (Switch) (STORY) (ORION). That 3 sites were produced by TCD (theme WordPress) and it’s a demo site which we are selling. What do you feel and what do you think of our work?

FIRST IMPRESSION is usually important and effective in marketing when it comes in making WEBSITES, but, Design Plus Inc is Not only Design firm, but also a full-service marketing. “Design=Marketing”, Design Plus Inc are not only providing a beautifully developed site but also a full-service marketing company that effectively serves your brand whether selling products or services online etc., that will keep your company on top and a trackable profit on your investment funds.

More than just making a beautiful site

Design Plus Inc is also an advanced way of working and a flextime system. The craziest is we do have an office, but no one is in there. All our staff are in remote duty system. Even if it is a cafe even if it is home, you can work wherever you are, wherever you like! See?

Our staff is in totally STRESS-FREE. It’s a way of being freedom and not to be seized with a rule. This is a tradition of our company where the establishment of a business leads to from the first.

Advanced working style of home-based and flextime

Let me tell you an interesting story here. Our company has an office, but no one is at work. Because all the staff work at home. Whether at home or at a cafe, it’s okay no matter where you work if you can work properly. In addition, the flextime allows you make your working time to be more flexible. This is the tradition of our company, which has been going on since its inception.

Why do you think we are choosing this kind of environment? One of the reasons is that I hate being managed by someone. Therefore, I do not want to manage the staff as much as possible. Each member cooperates in an independent spirit. I aim for such a team seriously. I also want them to make their own free time and see the outside world. And, I want them to make use of what they gained through play in their work.

Release from an inflexible working style

The work styles like ours are becoming the global standard, but have not yet penetrated Japanese society. The reason is that the difficulty of operation is high for companies. Because free work styles do not presuppose “managing people”, they can be lazy at any time. As a result, business monitoring software is added and reporting is required one by one, and the management cost rises finally. It is a work style that is not suitable for Japan society today.

That said, it is strange to be managed by someone else. Make money by selling off our precious time. Being forced to do something we don’t want to do, this is nothing less than slavery. Some people think that they can make money because they put up with hardships, but I can say that it is definitely different. We can make our customers happy because we can feel pleasure and happiness through our work.

Want only people with passion for work

Let’s take children’s studies as an example. Children who are forced to study by their parents feel that studying is boring, and they don’t study when their parents stop monitoring. However, children who are learning with a sense of purpose and effort are absorbed in learning, even if they are left alone. The important thing is whether you can concentrate on one thing seriously as if you forget about time. Without this, you can not work in a good relationship with us.

Those who want to make money easily or can not act without instructions will not be able to adapt to us. Even if such people join, they don’t get used to our corporate culture, so they will waste time. I would like to continue to be a team that creates synergy with each of the independent people bringing out the best of each other rather than a team controlled by management. The team is made up of such thoughts.

"Freedom" and "responsibility" are always linked together

If you want to get “freedom” in your life, you will be responsible at the same time. The meaning of this responsibility does not mean that you have to take responsibility as a leader if you fail in a project. Whether everything that happens around you can be accepted as what happened to you.

For example, freelance designers are a tough industry that can not predict when they will be fired by clients. There are various reasons such as low quality or late delivery etc.. In other words, if you do not satisfy the client, there is no next opportunity. Then what should we do? In order to win freedom, we have to consider that in our own responsibility.

Who do not belong to Design Plus Inc

  • The person who wants to earn money without taking responsibility
  • The person who cannot work without manual and instructions
  • The person who cannot adapt itself to the principle of result
  • Stability-oriented person

You belong if;

  • you can polish a skill by yourself
  • you can put ideas with your head into practice
  • you are devoted to work so as to forget time
  • you want to make a company from now on