Our MISSION is to create a culture.

Society now is teeming with lacked energy service. We are not only arranging and selling, but we are here to brim over our soul to provide a great quality service and deeply figure it by creating an advanced culture by ourselves. We act with overflowing vitality ethos that constantly producing original one and only thing in the world.


#1 Passion

The culture that humanity has created up to now is born from the passion of people. Because of the passion, we can make the world better. We are not interested in business without passion.

#2 Reveal our own guidelines

Respecting society and public opinion cannot produce services that surprise people. We pledge not to hesitate in anything, to have our own convictions, and to work to bring real value to the world.

#3 Speed

Life is shorter than we think. What we can do while we are alive is also limited. Therefore, we cannot loosen the speed of progress.

#4 Non-routine work

By constantly turning routine work into non-routine work, we discover creativity in each small task. This is because it leads to a great job.

#5 Act with intuition

The intuition that everyone is born with. But intuition is lost with the increase of knowledge. In order to create flexible ideas that are not captured by common sense, we must keep having the curiosity of childhood.

#6 Run without fear of risk

Japanese society is full of risks created to avoid them. We always have the positive mind of not fearing risk and having fun even if we are put in a crisis situation.

#7 We are small but have highly skilled work forces

We respect the personalities of each other and share their abilities to achieve a big project. We will challenge every issue with each independent creativity.

#8 Principle of valuing the result

Our principle of action is not to work well with society, but to leave certain values in the world. The fact that we can challenge what we like is because we continue to produce good results.