Our Style

There are many things that can be obtained by working at Design Plus. It will surely be a valuable time for your life.
Then, what can you learn in our company? We will also talk about what kind of work we can do here.

realize the importance of play

We recommend hang-out. Because there are many things you can learn from hang-out. For example, many web designers use online information and books to learn about design, but in our case we get tips from play. It’s because we think we can do great design because we see and touch many beautiful things. In other words, behold the outside world. You will have the opportunity to learn it.

An idea that is not caught in common sense

It is no longer a situation where you cannot live without belonging to an organization. With the share of the workforce, such as crowd-sourcing, we are able to survive by raising and branding ourselves in order to live alone. Our company is like a group of people who have the mind of the entrepreneur, so if you work hard here, you will have the ability to survive alone.

A free world without restraint

If you do not have the ability to think with your own mind and increase your productivity, you can not gain freedom, but if you can do it, you will gain freedom that you can not otherwise obtain.

Ability to survive alone

Design Plus has many colleagues with innovative ideas that other companies can not meet. There are many members who have their own thoughts without being bound by old-fashioned common sense and rules. By working with them, your troubles may go away and you will have a strong will to live in the future. It is an opportunity to grow yourself.

Advanced marketing knowledge

It is similar to the ability to survive alone, but it is better to have marketing knowledge if you want to live alone. Living alone is nothing more than commercializing yourself, so you need to have the knowledge to market it where you can get the most out of it. Our strength is in marketing, and we have a track record of acquiring No. 1 in the domestic market for WordPress themes. So you can learn real marketing know-how by being involved in the work.

Meet the comrades who can compete together

We don’t rely on anyone, and each of us is armed and helping each other. They do not depend on the company or anyone else, but stands in an independent spirit. You can build such a pleasant relationship.