A technical Design and Marketing firm, Design Plus Co., Ltd

Our company tends to be thought just a “DESIGN COMPANY” basing it on our
“Company’s name”.

As a matter of fact, we are a MARKETING ENGINEER group, developing contents to support the sales of the company from the viewpoint of design. Seemliness and elegance tend to be made much of than specifications and rationality now in every industry. Most of succeeding global corporations such as Apple or Starbucks take in a design in marketing well. In other words, it means that the result of the marketing turns big on how you make the best use of a design.

Hence, we place more weight on “impressing a splendid design ” and continue making contents to help marketing. The secession rate of the site is a significant component that effects not only conversion and SEO but also the sales directly. Pursuing the world view of the product, it must be produced intensely and full loaded of technique and skills. Our aim is to mesmerize and take our clients an interest in our conscious of designability the moment they open their eyes for us.

We want to share in business the enjoyment and excitement
with our entire stakeholders including customer and staff.

Not only having knowledge and skills, we must be passionate and feel impressed more to our work before we deeply moved you emotionally. Keeping our clients or customers get inspired could bring up our creative idea.

In consequence, we make full of life, be passionate and enjoy life since having lots of experienced could make use in the making of product.